Repository Replication Using NNTP and SMTP

Proceedings of European Conference on Digital Libraries. Alicante, Spain. September 2006.
J.A. Smith, M. Klein, and M.L. Nelson.
Download: ecdl06.pdf
We present the results of a feasibility study using shared, existing, network-accessible infrastructure for repository replication. We utilize the SMTP and NNTP protocols to replicate both the metadata and the content of a digital library, using OAI-PMH to facilitate management of the archival process. We investigate how dissemination of repository contents can be piggybacked on top of existing email and Usenet traffic. Long-term persistence of the replicated repository may be achieved thanks to current policies and procedures which ensure that email messages and news posts are retrievable for evidentiary and other legal purposes for many years after the creation date. While the preservation issues of migration and emulation are not addressed with this approach, it does provide a simple method of refreshing content with unknown partners for smaller digital repositories that do not have the administrative resources for more sophisticated solutions.
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