Generating Best Effort Preservation Metadata for Web Resources at Time of Dissemination

Proceedings of JCDL 2007. Vancouver, BC, Canada. June 2007.
J.A. Smith and M.L. Nelson.
Download: smithjcdl07.pdf
HTTP and MIME, while suļ¬ƒcient for contemporary web page access, do not provide enough forensic information to enable the long-term preservation of the resources they de- scribe and transport. But what if the originating web server automatically provided preservation metadata encapsulated with the resource at time of dissemination ? Perhaps the in- gestion process could be streamlined, with additional foren- sic metadata available to future information archeologists. We have adapted an Apache web server implementation of OAI-PMH which can utilize third-party metadata analysis tools to provide a metadata-rich description of each resource. The resource and its forensic metadata are packaged to- gether as a complex ob ject, expressed in plain ASCII and XML. The result is a CRATE: a self-contained preservation- ready version of the resource, created at time of dissemina- tion.
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