The Semantic Web CS-584 (Spring 2011)

The semantic web is primarily an approach to leveraging content metadata for an improved, ``intelligent” web experience. The course will explore the role metadata plays in the world wide web via supporting models, tools and technologies: RDF (Resource Description Framework), OWL (Web Ontology Language), XML, relational data, and more. We will look at the limitations of HTML, and discuss the role that browsers play in supporting the web. Finally, we will look at some of the algorithms that contribute to the semantic web.

Evaluation: The course will include web development projects, homework, presentations, and 2 exams (mid-term and final). Graduate standing required. Text Books: Programming The Semantic Web by Toby Segaran and Colin Evans (O’Reilly Media; July 2009). ISBN: 0596153813 (Required Text) Algorithms Of The Intelligent Web by Haralambos Marmanis and Dmitry Babenko (Manning Publications; June 2009). ISBN: 1933988665 (Optional Text).